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How to fix MySQL Port conflict issue on XAMPP?

How to fix MySQL Port conflict issue on XAMPP?


Recently, I encountered an issue while using XAMPP on my Windows 11 PC. A day before, everything was working fine, I was able to setup a blog in WordPress and happily making changes across different sections of my blog.

The next day, I wanted to make some final tweaks and publish my website to the server but all of a sudden I was unable to start MySQL server on XAMPP. The apache server was running without any issue but starting MySQL was causing failure. I tried multiple times but failed.

I thought may be because of some firewall configurations, MySQL is unable to work on 33056 port so I tried changing MySQL ports through the MySQL my.ini config file and the XAMPP config file from 3306 to 3307 and 3308 but nothing worked.

I googled and after spending sometime, I came across a solution that finally resolved the issue for good.

Lets see, How I was able to fix MySQL port conflict issue or XAMPP?

Steps to fix MySQL port conflict or start issue on XAMPP

Step 1: Go to your XAMPP installation directory.

Step 2: Now, browse to xampp/mysql/data.

Step 3: Rename “data” folder to “data_old”.

Mysql Xampp start issue
Mysql Xampp start issue

Step 4: Create a new folder “data”.

Step 5: Now, copy all files and folders from xampp/mysql/backup to the new xampp/mysql/data.

Step 6: Also, copy all your database folders from data_old to data except mysql, performance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders and any files.

Step 7: Now, copy the “ibdata1” file from xampp/mysql/data_old and replace it inside xampp/mysql/data.

Mysql Port conflict Xampp start issue

Step 7: Restart your MySQL+XAMPP server and you’re done.

How to fix MySQL Port conflict issue on XAMPP
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