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Set up a landing page or an opt-in form with Convertkit to capture emails or leads

Set up a landing page or an opt-in form with Convertkit to capture emails or leads

Want to get a landing page or an opt-in form set up on your website with ease and straightaway capture leads or emails without going into any coding or technical details? If yes, this article is for you.

Convertkit is one of the most popular and widely used full-featured email service providers (ESP). Just like Mailchimp, it has everything you need to set up opt-in forms, landing pages, campaigns, etc.

As compared to Mailchimp, the Convertkit is simply amazing with a very easy-to-use interface. The interface, menus, and different features do not require you to be technically sound. With just an estimated knowledge of using websites or computers… you can get the job done.

With this article, you are going to learn about the following:

  1. Setup your account with convert kit
  2. How to set up a landing page
  3. Get the landing page live on your domain

Sign up on Convertkit

Sign-up is pretty easy, you just need to visit the registration or sign up page on Convertkit and register using your email id.

Click here to Signup

Once you’re done. You can now log in to your Converkit account using the email id you have used to register your account and the chosen password.

Convertkit Sign Up and Login

Setup a landing page on Converkit

Once you have logged in to your convertkit account.

Click on Landing Pages and Forms

Setup a landing page on Converkit

And, on the second screen… Click on “Create New

create new landing page or opt in form

Select from the options you see on the page. There will be two options to choose from:

  1. Form (Opt-in form)
  2. Landing page (a webpage with an opt-in form)

Based upon what you want to do… select the desired option. Here in this example, we will select Landing Page

convertkit form selection

Once you click, Landing page on the next screen you will get a wide range of templates that you can choose to get the desired look and feel of the landing web page.

Choose your template

In this example, I have selected the Columbia landing page. Based upon your selection you will see the landing page template on your next screen and you can now… select the different sections or fields and update the data as per your need.

selected the Columbia landing page

Once you are done editing the fields. You can now click on settings to handle what you would like to do when a visitor submits the form on your landing page.

Landing page settings

If you think you are done editing the form, making necessary changes as per your business requirements. You can go ahead and click on the “Save and Publish” option.

Now, you can use the Share option to get the landing page default page link which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, or through emails.

The second option is to use an HTML <iframe> tag to display the landing page on your website.

In my example, I am using the landing page on my WordPress website.

Click here to know the steps on how to set up your landing page on a WordPress website.

If you have successfully configured your landing page. You’ll be able to capture leads through your newly created landing page.

landing page convertkit

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