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How to start with a custom wordpress theme?

How to start with a custom wordpress theme?

Well, sometimes we come across requirements where we need to integrate custom html designs. Specifically, when we are making a wordpress theme from scratch. In such cases, we need to convert all the html files in WordPress/PHP format and follow the standard approach in order to make them work as a proper WordPress theme.

This can be done in two ways.

Duplicate the default WordPress themes

Duplicating the default wordpress theme is an easy step but doing so copies a lot of code from the theme that could go unused in your new customized theme.

Some of the popular FREE wordpress default themes are:

1 Twenty Fifteen
2 Twenty Fourteen
3 Twenty Thirteen
4 Twenty Twelve
5 Twenty Eleven
6 Twenty Ten

Download & Know more about WordPress Default Themes

Generate Theme from Scratch

Alertnative to the above approach, you can use underscores.me FREE theme generation service to generate a blank theme zip file that can be uploaded and installed to your WordPress setup.

Underscores.me provides an automated approach to generate theme files from the scratch without the unwanted code in the theme files.

Steps to generate theme files

  1. Visit underscores.me
  2. Enter name for your theme, it can be your business name e.g. makemypost
  3. Click on “Generate”
  4. As soon as you click on Generate button, a zip file will be downloaded to your computer.
  5. Now, upload the zip file by login to your WordPress backend Appearance >> Themes. Click on the Upload Theme option and select the zip file you have downloaded and complete the rest of steps to active the theme.

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