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How to Use Custom Social Icons in a HubSpot Email Template?

how to use custom social icons on hubspot

Is there a way to use your custom social icons in a HubSpot Email Template? Yes, that can be done quickly in a few seconds! HubSpot lets you customize different objects, properties, email templates, landing pages, forms, images, icons, etc.


HubSpot has a pre-designed collection of email templates that are available to use for FREE. You can also design your own email templates using its drag and drop feature or modify the one hubspot offers. Apart from this, You can also use a custom html coded email template. Through this article, you will learn the way to use custom social icons in Hubspot Email Templates.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use custom social icons in HubSpot Email Templates, change the color of social media icons on HubSpot, and add social media icons to my email templates.

Let’s dive into the steps now.

Steps to Use Custom Social Icons in a Hubspot Email Template

In order to use your custom social icons, you need to customize and save them on your device in JPG or PNG or SVG format.

Now, you can log on to your HubSpot account and follow the below steps:

1. Tap the MARKETING option from the navigation bar and click EMAIL.

select marketing

2. Tap CREATE EMAIL from the right top corner.

create email

3. From the pop-up, select REGULAR if you want to send emails to a segment of your contact, select AUTOMATED in case you want emails to get sent automatically once the set target is met, and BLOG/RSS for updating your postings to your users.

regular email template

4. Under BASIC & MORE options, you’ll see multiple saved niche-related templates that you can select for your format. You can check the preview before you use them. Select one according to your niche.

basic and more email templates

5. Drag & drop the SOCIAL widget from the left side and place that in the email template on the right wherever you wish to.

social icons

6. Now, Select the Social Icon block as shown below and delete all the social options e.g. “Facebook”, “Linkedin”, etc. you’re seeing on the left under EDIT SOCIAL

edit social

7. Tap +ADD that you see just after deleting social icons.

add one social icon

8. Now, tap the dropdown there and select CUSTOM ICON

select custom icon

9. Tap BROWSE IMAGES and select your custom social icons.

browse images

10. Follow the same steps for uploading all your custom icons. It will look like this:

adding custom social icons

Can You Change The Color Of The Social Media Icons?

Well, if you are using a custom email template it’s very easy to do. You can either use your own custom designed social icons, upload it on hubspot and use the image URL in your html email templates or, add the custom style to change the color in the head section of your email template.

Add custom CSS to the head of the email template.

How Can You Add Social Icons to Email Templates?

If you want to add social icons in the section, you need to follow a few simple steps, and they are:

1. Log in to your HubSpot Account>>Tap Marketing>>Select Email>>Choose a Template according to your niche. (You can see the screenshots shared in the previous section)

2. Now, Drag & drop the SOCIAL icon that you see on the right side of the screen and place that in email wherever you wish to.

Drag & drop the SOCIAL icon

3. Once you do that, you’ll see icons and you need to select that, and on the right side of the screen, you will get the option to add new icons.

add social icons

4. Tap ADD you see under EDIT SOCIAL and use the dropdown to add the social icons you see under NETWORK.

ADD you see under EDIT SOCIAL


We have discussed all the steps that can be used to use your custom social icons in HubSpot Email Template, steps to change the social icon colors, and steps to add more social icons. Screenshots will help you to find and place the social icons easily.

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