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How to Start your online store in 60 minutes with Shopify?

How to Start your online store in 60 minutes with Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available today for businesses who want to start selling online and make their online presence with easiest possible way.

Its friendly user interface and technically advanced features handle all types of business needs.

With Shopify, one can sell directly from their store using the Shopify POS module or on Facebook by paying as little as $9/mo.

For advanced options, one can choose from different pricing plans, which generally start from $29/mo.

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FREE Trial Accounts:

To let you explore the different features and make your friendly with the Shopify backend, Shopify provides 14 days FREE trial accounts which you can utilize to set up your stores, configure shipping and payment options, add or publish themes, and products, etc.

After this, if you feel comfortable, you can choose from the Shopify pricing plans depending upon your business needs and go live.

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How to start your online store in 60 minutes?

Follow these steps to configure your FREE trial account with Shopify.

Step 1: Register for FREE trial account using your email id.

Step 2: Enter your email id, password, and your business/brand or store name.

Sign up for FREE trial accout on Shopify

Step 3: Click on “create your store” after filling in all details

Shopify Free Trial Account 2
Skip or Fill out the basic details about your business

Step 4: You can skip or fill up details on step 1 of 2 screen – “Tell us a little about yourself”

Step 5: Add an address so you can get paid (add valid and correct address with all details properly checked).

Shopify Free Trial Account 3
Shopify Account Registration – Add Your Store Details

Step 6: Submit the form to complete the setup. On successful form submission, you will be redirected to the Shopify Backend.

Shopify Free Trial Account 4
Shopify Backend

Step 7: Now, use the option from the left of the screen to add products, manage your store settings, create discounts, etc.

Step 8: Use the Settings section to configure your Payments, Shipping, and other store-related settings.

Step 9: Use the Online Store option from the left to manage the store content like pages, blogs, theme content updates, design, etc.

Step 10: Once you’re done with the basic changes.. you’re ready to go live.

On the front end, the store will look like the below screenshot if you choose to go with the default Shopify Debut theme.

Shopify Free Trial Account - StoreFront
Shopify Storefront with Debut Theme
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